Weekend of Fun

Posted on Apr 25, 2009

This weekend was interesting. On Friday Sarah and I headed to Chicago to hang out with my brother. Well actually Harper and I were in charge of fixing Property Technica’s website, raising the awesome from the 2 that it is currently set it all the way up to 8. Originally we were going to try for a 10 but, considering that property management sites are not very popular, we settled for an 8.

The other purpose of the trip was to give Sarah and Hiromi something to do whilst we did the nerdering. Sarah tagged along with me, keeping me company on the plane and making sure that I don’t eat any lead paint, and for doing all that got an awesome prize.

Sarah and Hiromi had a spa day. They got massages, manicures and pedicures. Needless to say Harper and I were, and still are, jealous of the day they had. After we ate bagels this morning, the ladies headed off to the massage place and Harper and I headed back to their apartment to get started.

Sure we didn’t get massages but we still had a really good time listening to old records, real records, and making web things happen. Harper amazes me. He spent the entire day working on this site. Plugging away until it was just right. I didn’t always have a lot to do since I was there more as a supervisor and motivator as well as to check out features as he worked on them. I think we made a pretty good team.

After lunch Harper and I were back to our heads while the smart members of our respective marriages headed off for an afternoon of manicures and pedicures. Harper, still going strong, had less for me to do in the afternoon so I was in charge of picking records for us to listen to. I feel that I did a pretty good job playing DJ and I now have a pretty good mental list of music I need to find.

When the ladies finally got home from their stressful day of spa visits we watched Kiki’s Delivery Service- while Harper worked- and Invader Zim- also while Harper worked- before heading to this crazy Korean BBQ place across the street from Harper and Hiromi’s apartment. The place was crazy because the servers were rude, you had to cook your own meat and everything was super tasty.

We are now back to coding, or more accurately Harper is back to coding and I am writing a blog post. This blog post.