Steve the Hound

Posted on Apr 20, 2009

Meet Steve the Hound
Growing up on a farm is hard. It is even harder when your a sheep-dog who loves musical theater. That is Steve the Hounds problem. Steve loves musicals. Whether it is Cats or Ragtime he just loves watching people sing, dance and have fun. He has tried his hand at theater a few times: a short run as the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz and one night as a the dog in Peter Pan(type casting). He followed his dream to New York were he was swindled out of his life savings by El Torrence. That is how he ended up here.

Steve likes going on walks, learning new songs and singing them at the top of his lungs. His dream is to play Skimbleshanks in Cats and become a big name in theater. If you would like to help in on his journey contact us today.