My Secret Shame

Posted on Apr 9, 2009


How I Became a Thirteen Year Old Girl

_ _My mom is obsessed with Twilight. The books, the movie, the fan sites; she reads them all. Since she first started reading the books she has been trying to convince me to read them. I unfortunately caved and have started reading them.

Here is the problem. When I first heard about the books I was sad. Why would someone take something as cool as vampires and turn them into a teenage love story. I can get behind vampire smut fairly easily but nice clean high school musical vampires set my teeth on edge. Or so I thought.

I started reading the books about a week ago. So far it has been enjoyable. I have been enjoying the story, the characters and the mythology that the author has created. I have heard people say that she is a poor writer. This may be true, but I think that her ability as a writer is at the same level as J.K. Rowling on the first Harry Potter. I assume that as the series moves on her writing will get better.

I realized that I had a secret shame when Sarah and I got home from the diving trip. Sarah went over to her mom’s house and I took a bath. A nice pomegranate scented bath with my Twilight book. I was relaxing reading my book when it hit me: I am now a thirteen year old girl.

Who else takes scented bubble baths while reading the young adult equivalent to smut? I mentioned this to Sarah last night and she was nice enough to not make fun of me. Well that isn’t true. She asked if I was happy that I had made her into a cradle robber.

To those of you who hate on Twilight, give it a try. It is a pretty good story. Sure it isn’t high literature but it is a good diversion from everyday life. If you have sent me a slurpee and want your money back after reading this, too bad.