Posted on Apr 8, 2009

As you may have noticed I went SCUBA diving recently. It was awesome. Needless to say I am once again hooked and remember why I love SCUBA diving so much. Of course hanging out with other divers and in dive shops exposes you to all the new fancy equipment, which makes you realize how out of date your own equipment is and causes you to drool on all the fancy stuff other people have.

My first equipment that I received was when I was twelve years old. Due to a lack of maintenance, it is no longer able to be used safely. I am still holding onto it purely for sentimental reasons. The second set of equipment I bought just before I went to California for dive school. It is really nice and I spent a lot of money on it but it is currently about eight years old. I would love to get new equipment.

Last time I purchased new equipment I got everything: mask, fins, snorkel (which I lost in CA), a BCD, computer and regulator/octo. Since Sarah started diving a have received a new mask and snorkel. The fins a purchased eight years ago are still in really good shape and have a lifetime warranty, so I don’t really need new fins. What I need is a new BCD, regulator/octo and computer.

Here is the list of what I want to get complete with links to the relevant sites where, if you want, you can buy them for me.

  • BCD Besea W50- Just look at that thing. The padded harness, the wing style bladded all the accesories; who doesn’t want one of these.
  • GALILEO SOL- This computer has it all: Heartrate moniter, multi gas options and all the regular dive computer stuff.
  • Single Kit - Xstream Deep- This is a great breathing set up that is made by a company that makes really reliable productso


  • MK25/A700- the newest, fanciest Scubapro set-up

The problem with SCUBA gear is that it can be quite pricey. For a BCD and regulator setup you are looking at around $1500 for middle of the road stuff. You can go really crazy if you want and get one of these, which is the object of my current SCUBA lust.