Other Ways I am Going to Become Super

Posted on Mar 15, 2009

After rereading my Super Power Post I realized that I neglected quite a few ways that I might get super powers. This was unintentional on my part and I feel pretty bad about it. Here are three more ways I can aquire my much needed super powers.

  • Training
  • Robotic Suit
  • Gadgets

Training- I am surprised that I missed this one. It is possibly the least life threatening and awesome method of gaining superpowers. Sure I may not be truly super, but then again I might be. I think that a combination of Krav Maga and Aikido martial arts would be the best for fighting crime. That combined with gymnastics training and I would be flipping around kicking butt in no time. Part of this plan would probably have to be body armor. I am under no illusions about my ability to dodge bullets or get stabbed and keep fighting. I am not a huge fan of pain and think that the first time I was stabbed I would quit. I couldn’t forget the always important image that would strike fear into evil doers. I am thinking a giant scary badger allowing me to say such classy lines as “You just poked an angry badger.”

Robotic Suit- This plans suffers from all of the problems as becoming a cyborg without the possibly of killing myself during self surgery. All I would really need is the Lego Mindstorms set and a lot of Legos. The Mark I suit would be made out of any color I could come across with the final one being either painted or the bricks ordered straight from Lego. The best part of using Legos is all of the possible eight bit video game characters that could be potential symbols or names. “Here comes Mario Man.” Maybe not. The hardest part would be figuring out how to carry enough batteries to function. That and making a Lego flamethrower.

Gadgets- This is the coolest all the options, except that it relies on me being a mechanical, electrical and chemical genius. I haven’t had much luck with this yet, but I can keep trying. Being able to jury rig items that save the day would be awesome, plus gadgets are so cool. I could probably start just by reading MAKE magazine and taking some electronic classes. The reason that this is the best plan is that it would provide me with marketable skills that would make me bundles of cash. This is important because being a super hero is awesome but getting evicted sucks

There you have it, three more ways that I could become a super hero. I now have so many choices now that I am really going have to think before making a decision.