I Got Soap In My Mind

Posted on Mar 11, 2009

The other day, by which I mean more then a week ago, through the magic of the Google Reader I stumbled upon a site dedicated to making your own soap. Not only did it make soap making look easy it made it look fun. I now want to make my own soap.
I explained this to Sarah and actually got a look. This isn’t the normal “Dylan is so crazy look”, it was more of the “Really you want to make soap” look. I enjoyed the look and am trying to figure out ways that I can get it more often. Back to the soap.

How great would it be to make a batch of soap that would last you for six months or more. I am pretty sure that not having to buy soap would save money, especially if you where to buy the ingredients in bulk. Imagine sticking it the economy by not having to buy soap.

What I envision is getting a group of like minded friends together every couple of months and having a soap party. Set-up could be in someone’s garage and we could be our very own soap sweat shop. It would be awesome. It would be epic. It would be LEGENDARY!

A fair number of my friends enjoy crafting of one sort or another. I know knitters, weavers, potters and one thing they all have in common is pizza. We all love pizza. Pizza is god’s food. Combine our love of creating with our love of pizza and poof! instant fun.

“But soap is so boring.” you say.

“Not so.” I would say.

Once you start adding dyes and scents the fun increases. Let us not foget about molds. Not the kind that you get on cheese but the type of mold you place the soap in to get the desired shape. From what I read it looks like you can use any candy mold to make your soap. You can also use cup cake pans or for the ultimate in awesome you could use a bunt cake pan and then cut off soap in the desired size. The website said that most people start off using a cutlery tray. Which I guess is cool, if you’re lame.

If you happen to be located in Colorado and want to attempt soap making, let me know via the comments. If you are one of the many who are forced to live in uglier states but are interested in purchasing some soap, again let me know via the comments. When I finally put this soap party together I will attempt to get lots of good pictures to share with everyone.

NOTE: I tried to spell soap soup this entire post. I think I caught them all.