February 2009: the Month Blogging Happened

Posted on Feb 28, 2009

It has been a wonderful and fun February. If you haven’t noticed I have blogged everyday and have been loving it. I thought that since it is the end of the month that I would collect my favorite six blog posts of the month. Sort of a month end review. Here are my six favorite posts of the month:

  1. LIVING MY LIFE parts 1 - 5-

Every now and again the blogging bug bites me. It has apparently done that recently as I feel the need to blog with all of my spare time. Apparently this has been enjoyable to the people that read my blog, which makes me glad, and I have also been enjoying it.

Since I recently finished the Seven Things Meme I have been thinking about the interesting things I have done in my life. I have spent a lot of time in my life, not recently, wishing I had a “better” life. Most of this stems from little brother jealousy of an older brother.

See, unlike Harper I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school. Harper went off to his fancy schmancy school and got his degree in computer science and then went off to be successful. That is probably what I used to wish for “success”.


Throughout my life I have been happily without faith and religion. I have always been aware of other peoples religion and the varying levels of faith that they have in said religion. As a youngster I was even curious about religion, my mom and I used to go to churches on Sundays and experience the fun that is religion. It even went so far as almost being baptized by a friends mom who didn’t understand why my parents didn’t want to save my soul.

Sarah was/is a non-practicing catholic who still has conversations with god. I am very supportive of this because I figure one of us should talk to a higher power just in case there is a higher power. I remember at one point we discussed faith and what it means to her and how she didn’t understand how I could not have faith.

Faith is one of those crazy things that means different things to different people. To one person it represents their belief in a higher power. To another it is the fuel of their righteousness. To a third person it is a strength that helps them get through anything. For a long time I considered faith and religion to be mutually exclusive. To me faith was the fuel to the religious fire.


I realize that with a title like refrigerator archeology this post is already starting to sound disgusting. Be not afraid gentle readers, this post has little to do with nasty moldy food and a lot to do with things thought lost being found.

Sarah and I had been married for a little over a year the first time she ended up in the hospital. I was super stressed out during this time and slightly absent minded. I got home one night, did some dishes and then went to bed. Unfortunately I took my ring off when I was doing dishes and left it on the counter.


Few people realize how hard it is to learn how to unicycle. Actually a lot of people probably realize how hard it is to learn, but few appreciate how hard it is. I started learning to unicycle when when I was seventeen. I received a Semcycle 24? Deluxefor Christmas that year. Immeadiatly after receiving the unicycle I started to learn. Or should I say I tried to learn.

During the time I was learning Jon was living with us, trying to graduate from High School and he was a great help to my learning. Without Jon I may not have learned as quick and it is possible that I would have given up before actually learning to ride. Since I had a partner to learn with I had someone pushing me to do better and learn faster.


I have always been disappointed with my apparent lack of super powers. What fun is life without the ability to do extraordinary things like teleport or turn invisible. The only ability that I seem to posses it being able to recognize the make and model of cars by the position of their tail and headlights or their shape. For some reason instant car recognition has failed to gain me membership into any of the superhero groups.

You might blame this feeling of injustice on the fact that I have been playing superhero tabletop games or on that I am reading the Wildcards series or my recent interest in comic books. Since I am not going to become a superhero on my natural abilities I have come up with three plans to recreate myself into a superhero.


Recently I have been reading many different Blogs. Some about being successful in life, some about being successful in business and a few about being happy; almost all of them have the same basic message: Do What You Love.

For the longest time I have been jealous of Harper and all of his success in the world of computers. I now understand what he was able to do what he has done and why he was able to do it. He loves computers. He has been playing around with computers forever and has finally found people crazy enough to pay him bundles of money to do just that.
Since I realized this I have putting a lot of thought into what I love doing and how I can do that to make money. Here are the things I love: