Real Men Cry in the Shower

Posted on Feb 20, 2009

Recently I was given some news. It wasn’t good or bad or even purple, it was just news. The news was shocking and stressful and everything is ok, but it was proceeded by a week of stress. This led me to spend some quality time in the shower. I find that when I am sad or stress or just feel the need to cry I go in the shower.

This is not born out of any need to feel like a man and not show emotion, I think it comes from a need to have the moments when I am feeling emotionally drained be private and noisy. The best place for this is the shower.

I always find the macho attitude of not crying in front of people in order to maintain the manly attitude to be silly. I don’t necessarily like to cry in front of people, I will if I need to and since I am comfortable with myself don’t feel like I have lost my manhood if I do.