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Posted on Feb 19, 2009

I work around a lot of really sad people. At least that is what it seems to be to me. I tend to spend my days smiling, having a good time and skipping from place to place. You read that correctly, I skip from place to place. I have to say that skipping is my favorite walking alternative.

Skipping is wonderful because it is about as fast as running, faster then jogging and it makes you happy. On top of making you happy it makes other people happy. Rarely can you see someone skipping and not smile. Sure you might think that the person doing the skipping is a little crazy or maybe a little strange, but it will still make you smile.

I take every opportunity to skip. There is a nice long hallway on our office that is perfect for skipping. Granted there is a low doorway in the middle and if you don’t plan your skipping correctly you might get a head injury, but it is so much fun I am willing to risk head injury to skip down the hall.

Some things that most people don’t know about skipping:

  1. Skipping is a great workout- I can’t back this up with actual scientific data on the kinesthetic benefits of skipping but there has to be some. I wouldn’t advise skipping on a treadmill, though I would be willing to watch a video of an attempt to do so.
  2. Skipping is fun- I might have already mentioned this, but it is as true right here as it was earlier. Not only will you make others smile, just try skipping and not smiling yourself.
  3. Skipping isn’t hard- If it has been a few years since you skipped, don’t worry, you will remember how. It is a lot like riding a bicycle, except there isn’t a bicycle and it is easier. What I mean is that you don’t forget how to skip

My call to all of you is to give skipping a try. It is fun, surprising and just plain awesome.