You May Not Care

Posted on Feb 11, 2009

Yesterday was the first night in the incredibly long gaming arc that we are playing. This is an epic adventure that should take our characters from level 1 to level 20 and beyond. Unfortunately for us this adventure has been written for six players and we only have three. This has led to some interesting adjustments to our character in hopes that we will be able to make it through.

The first thing Matt did was allow us to either play a level adjusted race with an ability total at +12, a gestalt class or a non-level adjusted race with an ability total of +16. On top of that both Jon and Ez opted to take an additional boon of playing crazy concepts.

EZ is playing a rogue-bard gestalt that will later take the prestige class of Shadow Dancer. This allows him to fill the role as our rouge and add a little bit extra divine spell casting.

Jon is playing a tiefling(part demon) fighter and is planning on multi-classing later with beguiler. In order to avoid the xp penalty he asked Matt if he could count beguiler as the tiefling’s favored class.

Since I am playing a pretty straight forward class and race I got some extra gold to start. This has allowed my whisper gnome cleric to start with nicer armor and weapons then the others. Being a whisper gnome also makes me sneaky and hard to hit.

Overall I am a little nervous for our group. We are lacking in a serious tank character. My character has the highest hit point total of the group as well as the highest AC but since he is small he does less damage. Jon‘s character has the best chance of hitting opponents but is a little easier to hit then my character. EZ‘s character is able to sneak attack, which should be handy, but he has the lowest AC and the smallest amount of hit points.

We also lack a serious arcane spell caster. Jon‘s character, when he takes a few levels of beguiler, will be able to cast buffing spells and trick our opponents, but won’t have any damage dealing spells. In fact we will be reliant on my clerics ability to cast damage spells when the need arises. The problem with that is my character has a limited number of spell slots and having to pack damage spells vs. buffing spells could make other aspects of combat more difficult.

I will try to keep you posted on our progress and hopefully all of our characters will make it through until the end.