The Ultimate Wish List

Posted on Feb 10, 2009

Here is a list of things that I want. This is in no particular order and most of these are things that I don’t need, they are just things that I would buy if money was suddenly no object.

  1. A Mini Cooper S- This is the car that I saw on the Internet when I was in California. Sarah and I even found one of the first ones in California and took my picture next to it. I would want a Chili Red one with a white roof and wheels. Of course I would also like the super-duper fast one so I can get lots of speeding tickets.
  2. A Geodesic Dome House- I have always found these houses to be fascinating. I also like the idea of living in a giant almost circle. I think that a house like this would be loads of fun to decorate and there are models that have cupolas on the top that would be great for getting all of the views that Colorado has.
  3. Rebreather- I would love to have a rebreather. It would make diving so much more fun and quite a bit safer. This would also let me get into the tech diving scene that I would secretly like to join. Plus they are so cool looking.
  4. A Miller Dive Helmet- This is my favorite dive helmet that I used at school and it is awesome. I don’t really know if I would get that much use out of it though if I had the money for a Miller I could probably afford to get a double tank setup to use with it and then be ready to dive even the coldest lakes in Colorado.
  5. Clown Stuff- It would be so nice if I could go to clown camp every year as well as IJA and a clown convention. This would allow me to keep up on the current trends as well as learn so much.
  6. A Vespa- I have a scooter already, it just doesn’t currently run very often,but I would love to get one of the new fast Vespas. They look super fancy and they are small enough that Sarah could actually ride it if she wanted to. Which I am sure she does. She told me so.
  7. Video Games- There are so many video games that I would love to be able to play that I don’t because I don’t feel the need to spend money on them. It would be nice if they somehow just ended up at my house.