Living My Life: Pt 5

Posted on Feb 6, 2009

That summer semester I took Ethnic Literature and Spanish 1. Ethnic Lit I could take or leave. It was an online class that was run poorly and had a professor that was very hard to communicate with. I went as far as to have a meeting with her to discuss this and according to people who currently have her she is much better at communicating.

Spanish 1 was awesome. Most of my school career has been spent taking classes that I don’t have to try in to get a grade. I would get away with doing very little reading and almost no homework and just coast by because I am good at remembering random facts. Spanish wasn’t like that.

Spanish forced me to study in order to do well. I would study more for that class then any other and barely scrape by on the tests. As counter intuitive as it seemed I had found what I wanted to learn. I had found something that allowed me to talk, read and interact with others. Plus it was a challenge.

I took Spanish 2 the previous semester and it kicked my butt. I got just below a 70% on each test and was able to scrape by with a D in the class. I am currently retaking Spanish 2 in the classroom, with only four people. It is awesome and I am learning so much.

There you have it a quick run down on my life since high school. I think I started out wanting to explain my views on getting through life and how it dosen’t matter where you are as much as how you got there. I meet to many people in my life who view stuff as being more important then time. People who think that having a good job and making lots of money is the point of life. To those people I would like to say, Relax, Have Fun, Laugh and Be Happy.

Finally it is over