Living My Life: Pt 3

Posted on Feb 4, 2009

From Cooperheat I found a job that seemed like a better fit. I was an cashier/birthday host at a Fort Fun in Fort Collins. I was paid right around minimum wage and get to use my entertainment skills for a job. I really liked the job but only making $5.25/hour sucked.

After my time at Fort Fun ended I decided to give school a try once more. I went to UNC over the summer taking golf and an online sociology class. I did really well in the classes. I think I even got A’s. That fall semester disaster struck.

It started out really well. I was going to class, doing homework and enjoying all of my class with the exception of math. Then about halfway through the semester my dad was told that he needed to have valve replacement surgery to replace a faulty valve in his heart. Needless to say this stressed me out.

In the time leading up to his surgery and after his surgery I stopped going to class. Even when I would go to class I would have a hard time paying attention. You can ask Sarah, I was ridiculously worried about BAD THINGS happening to my dad. Luckily, everything went good and since I had had the good sense to tell my teachers what was going on I was able to makeup the missed work the following semester. Unfortunately in doing that I failed my classes from that semester.

During this time I was working at Starbucks having a gay old time and hating on coffee. That summer I also got a job working for The City of Greeley Water Department. I was a seasonal worker, aka peon, and I spent most of my time learning from and working with an incredible welder.

September of that year, which happened to be 2004, Sarah and I were married in the most awesome wedding that has ever happened. Sarah was beautiful, I was rugged looking, there were swords and a BBQ. Best wedding ever. About a week before we got married we also moved from the house in Fort Collins to the Condo in Greeley.

After we got back from our honeymoon cruise, my manager at Starbucks neglected to put me back on the schedule. This was annoying but also liberating since I didn’t have to work two jobs and got to spend more time with Sarah. Little did I know that my days were numbered at the Water Department.

_This is starting to get ridiculous _