Living My Life: Pt 2

Posted on Feb 3, 2009

After high school I did what everyone is supposed to do after high school, I went to college. By went to college I mean that I signed up for classes, attended some of them and met a lot of people. I thrived in the social circles and then about a quarter of the the way through a met someone that owned a SEGA Dreamcast. School was over.

Not only was I doing poorly in classes but I had discovered Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. This was the beginning of my love relationship with video games. By the time I dropped out of school I had a Dreamcast of my own and was playing Soul Caliber for hours at a time. And I was good.

The summer after I dropped out of UNC I decided that I still wanted to get a degree. This lead me to AIMS community college where I took a few general ed classes. I did really good for about two quarters but then in the spring time I once again started to be distracted. I failed out and once again started to fill down about myself and my future.

About nine months later I was tired of living at home. In fact I was tired of being around my parents and the constant reminders about how successful Harper was doing. I needed to find a way out of Greeley. After some Internet research I came across the College of Oceaneering. I applied and was accepted to start in January of 2002, which is coincidentally the same month this blog started.

The College of Oceaneering was such a good experience for me. I learned discipline in school, I learned how to get and hold down a job, I learned about paying rend and utilities and I learned how to be a leader. I stayed on the Deans List for eight of the ten months I was there and made a lot of good friends.

Also while at the College of Oceaneering Sarah and I became engaged. This is quite possibly the best decision I have made in my life and it was about that time that I started to become happy with who I was and not worrying about what I needed to become.

Once I was finished with the College of Oceaneering I moved back to Colorado and after a brief search for housing I decided I would just move back in with the folks. I had only been back in Colorado for a month when I pretty much moved in with Sarah. I had a job with Cooperheat/MQS in Denver that I drove to everyday and after doing that for about nine months the work dried up and I had to find another job.

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