Well On My Way

Posted on Feb 1, 2009

This second semester of school has started off with a rush, a bang and then a lot of let down. My intro to PC applications class is boring. My history class is boring. The only class that is pulling it’s own weight is Spanish 2. I will give you a brief run down of what is awesome and what is craptastic about my classes

Intro to PC Applications


  1. I am learning how to use Office 2007
  2. It is work as fast as you want. Every assignment is available straight away.


  1. It is all online
  2. The teacher, while on top of all the online stuff, has to have the easiest job in all of the college. The book teaches you what you need and even the testing is done by another company.

Western Civ


  1. It is all online and the teacher knows how to run an online class.
  2. It is following the same timeline as my Art History class last semester


  1. Discussions. I hate online discussions. If I wanted to discuss things I would take the class in a classroom. Not online.
  2. Discussions. Seriously I hate them. I don’t mind posting my stuff but I hate force interaction with my classmates.

Spanish 2


  1. I feel like I am actually learning it this time
  2. It is during the day which means no more night classes
  3. There are only four people in my class


  1. They almost canceled it due to there only being four people
  2. I am having to take it a second time

That is all I have about school this semester. Wish me luck and send me presents.