Harper is so Lame

Posted on Dec 29, 2008

Apparently my brother has lost his damn mind. Most people make New Years resolutions that can only be completed or failed by themselves. My brother has decided that his resolution is that I become a video blogger. Considering how often I update this here blog, this seems like poor planning. Since he has sent me ‘stuff’ that I need to video blog I shall play along, at least for a while.I have been using viddler to set up my video business and have made my fancy player badge through the magic of viddler and thought that I would share it with everyone that reads my blog. Yes, even you mom.This is not a video, so don’t be fooled. On second thought, please be fooled. I will get a camera set up soon and you will be subject to ramblings of a video nature instead of my typical I did this, went here, took a nap, punch babies, etc. that normally end up here.

One a more Christmas side of life I received all sorts of good presents: an iPod, bundles of books, a watch and a bundle of other things that I can’t remember at work. My parents were out of town visiting my brother, who they love more, and so Sarah and I were able to spend more time with Sarah’s family, who loves Sarah more. This was a nice change from the juggling sixteen families and not having time to think. Instead we were down to juggling fifteen families and not having time to think. In fact, we spent about the same amount of time running around as is normal for Christmas.

Sarah and I have decided to follow the Zen Habits Reset Your Life plan for the New Year. Wish us luck and I will tell you how it goes in a bit. Bundles of organizing are on the horizon as well as a little bit of donating stuff we don’t need.

I meant to post a while ago but I didn’t: The Don’t Judge Us group has been gaming for six months and are still going strong. To celebrate six months of awesome gaming we did a ten hour gaming marathon of Cyberpunk 2020. We all survived, out characters survived and it was a really good time. My character Phillip Morris (corp) saved the day by calling in a team of Solos from Militech to rescue us from the deadly gas.

If that last bit means nothing to you that is ok. Just go here, buy me books and show up to my house on Tuesdays for game night.