WOW... I have a problem

Posted on Apr 7, 2008

Recently I have been doing something that I am not proud of. It isn’t something that is in itself bad, it just isn’t something that a lot of people talk about. The real problem is that I like it, a lot. It is something that my friend Lars showed me and I have been doing it ever since. I have to buy more all the time and Lars and I sit around and use it regardless of what our spouses or significant others are doing. It is ridiculous. I had thought that I could stop and then I saw this. I am not strong enough to withstand the pull of a contest where the prize is World of Warcraft Collectible Card Game Cards. Why penny arcade, why?

I entered a story:

As they wept Reno, the great dragon, farted with glee.

I realize that Reno isn’t the best dragon name, but it makes me laugh. So wish me luck, support my habit and by all means don’t judge me a lot. Please.