Posted on Mar 18, 2008

So its been a little while since I have brought the new noise with some new Awesome Guys. So here are three new ones with a couple more to come in the next few days.

Captain Chicky McDuckerson

Many years ago, before the dawn of the year 2008, a bird was born to a hedgehog and bear. This was the mundane beginnings of what would become the greatest super hero known to birdkind. He has fought the likes of El Torrence and The Snorker. But like most hero’s, his beginnings where super lame.

His mom, Francis, was a stern person, always making Chicky do his homework and not letting him go out for sports or play outside. This always made Chicky upset and he spent many hours in his room crying and wishing that he was special.

Since he never met his father he wasn’t prepared for his powers. He had left his house to go to school when it happened. He was walking along North East Hampton Avenue when he was struck by a lightning bolt of power.

He started to float off the sidewalk, not in control, not even flapping his wings. Laser beams started shooting out of his eyes and he felt different. Needless say he didn’t go to school that day. He spent that day and the rest of the next floating around the atmosphere and wondering what in the heck was going on.

Then he heard screaming, coming from… [MORE]

The Snorker, Coffee Pig

Evil agent of El Torrence the bull, The Snorker was rescued from the pig farm at a young age by his mentor El Torrence, they formed an instant bond and El Torrence has raised Snorker to be his evil henchman.

The Snorker isn’t normally a bad guy, his mom did her best to raise her son to not be evil. Unfortunately for her, and the rest of us, El Torrence was able to make him, if not evil at least he is a mediocre henchman.

He started off with petty crimes in the fields of armed robbery, diamond hiests and a casino job (failed casino job, he didn’t have Snorkers 11, he only had 6). Then El Torrence sent him to kidnap some lady, who had a bird for a son, and it all went south…[MORE]

El Torrence, Criminal Mastermind and Used Car Sales Bull

El Torrence, or Torr for short, has been a used car sales person for about 25 years. He prided himself in selling people the best mode of transportation that fit there needs. He wasn’t in it for the money, he was in it to help people.
Yeah Right!
El Torrence whole reason for getting into the car sales business is to try and increase the rate of global warming by selling more and more SUVs. His dealership specializes in gas guzzlers. He personally drives a H2 modified to use even more gas then the standard model.
Other areas that El Torrence’s evil empire specializes in our racketeering and kidnapping. With his semi faithful henchman The Snorker and an ad in the paper to recruit more henchmen he hopes to one day take over the world or destroy it, whichever comes first.[MORE]

Keep your eyes peeled for all the creatures to come.