Operation: Make the Compartment Awesome

Posted on Mar 17, 2008

Sarah and I, as I may have mentioned previously, have started Operation: Make the Compartment Awesome. The overall plan is to paint, decorate and wood floorerize our condo. We picked out floors about two weeks ago and started painting. After a color choice fiasco we picked a good color and got to painting. Two of out slaves friends came over and helped us paint and it took a lot less time then we anticipated and it looks very nice. It is the color molten peanut butter, which makes you hungry especially when it is combined with out chocolate room. Basically you can’t leave our house without craving a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

Our wood floors where supposed to be in last Wednesday, turns out that they where back ordered and won’t be in until tomorrow or so. Of course the floor people didn’t bother to call us to say “Hey your floors been back ordered.” instead I had to call them on Friday and be like “Where our floors at?” and they where like “I don’t know let me check.” then this other guy was all “They where back ordered.” and Sarah was like “I bet they forgot to order them” and I was all “Yeah what bastards!” and Sarah was like “Yeah, bastards.” It was awesome.

We have dropped some art off at the frame store and are trying to figure out what to hang where and where to get what we want. We also hung a new light fixture over the eating table and installed a storm door. A full glass storm door. We got the storm door for our cat Reno so he can see out. Apparently the glass was extra clear compared to out windows because Reno made a run for it and into the glass, much pants peeing ensued and he was one mad little kitty. The problem was that he likes to make a break for it and normally does it when the door is barely open. So his fun has been foiled proper like.