Thaddeus P. Hare

Posted on Jan 31, 2008

One of the best known bunny scholars is none other then Dr. Thaddeus P. Hare. At a young age Thad noticed that he was different then the other bunnies, smarter, and as he thought, better then all of the other bunnies.

He quickly moved to the top of his class at school and was then pushed forward into the upper level classes. As he moved further up in the school system he kept his belief that no one could possibly be smarter then him.

He graduated high school when he was 3 years old, which is like 14 in human years, and headed of to BSU (Bunny State University), home of the Fighting Carrots. His first year was a disaster. For the first time he was being challenged and forced to work hard at school work.

He got his act together in his sophomore year and was soon pursuing a double major in biology and history. He was also pursuing Mary Anne Bunnee, daughter of the Dean of students. Theirs was a young love, the kind you read about in fairytale books.

He was a dashing young college student, she was just finishing high school, they had everything they could ever want. Then disaster struck. [more]