Two Sold, Three More Listed

Posted on Jan 21, 2008

I was lucky enough to sell two of my Awesome Guys this weekend. It was quite exciting and nice to finally sell something. I just need to keep this momentum going and sell many many more. One of the creatures is going to Chicago and one is headed to Taiwan. Awesome. So this is a fond farewell to Boneheaded Eustace

Have fun in Taiwan, you where Sarah’s Favorite and we will miss you. Rock on you Bonehead

and to Abby Normal

You are going to a nice family and they will be nice to you. Hopefully you are able to make peace with your friend on your back.

Alright, out with the old and in with the new.

In the Ice Cube Tribe the young are honed in the art of battle. The first thing they learn is the story of Long One, Great Shaman and Warrior.
Long One was born in the usual way, falling out of the sky, he grew up quickly and excelled in the way of the warrior. He learned all of the normal fighting styles but created his own style that became known as the Starfall Style. Learning the Starfall takes many years of dedication and is said to open up another awareness known as the StarEye.
Long One left the tribe on his 13th birthday on a vision quest, as was required by all thirteen year olds, he was sent southwest and was not expected to return. Every other Thirteen sent south west had been eaten by weasels.
The evening before he left he was given his name. During the naming ceremony it was reported that there was 25 or more falling stars in the sky. This was a wonderful sign since one falling star during your naming ceremony meant that you where to be a shamon of the tribe upon… [more]

Shiny Eyes spent his formative years as a pirates assistant, on the oceans of the Hibbitybippity. He sailed upon the good ship Flabber. He was the first mate under Bluebrows, who defeated Redbrows for the job of captain.
After spending 25 years swabbing decks and stealing from the man, he decided to take his chances panning for gold in the American Rockies. He got to port in New York and quickly purchased a donkey named Steve, a pick ax and of curse a pan.
He took a quick course in gold panning at GPU (Gold Panning University), where he learned that he wasn’t going to be able to actually pan for gold, since he is a pillow and would absorb a… [more]

One of the few communist cats to make it out from behind the Iron Curtain, Red Kitty is an inspiration to us all. He spent most of his time as the puppet leader of the Mouse Workers Party and then, after a fluffy coup, rose to be Czar of his house.
His first and most endearing act was when he sacrificed his legs and arms to save some of his mousederlings from being sucked up a vacuum cleaner. After that he made friends with the leader of the democratic party in some big fancy democratic country and got out of there as quickly as possible.
Red now spends his time wondering around the world preaching equal rights to all. He is a firm… [more]