New Stuff for a New Year

Posted on Jan 4, 2008

I have finally started using Etsy a lot. Well not a lot but more then I have. The only thing that makes me sad is that when I started my account my username was/is awesomeguy. That makes my store awesomeguy’s store. LAME. Anyway visit me at I am making and try to sell sock creatures. They are awesome. If you would like to send me your old socks. Seriously I need them. For every ten pairs you send me I will send you a sock creature.

I have been making about one a night since we got back. Last night I took a night off because I need to get some old neckties to add to some of them. So if you need a strange and yet

awesome gift for a loved one or coworker or boss, check them out.

I have shaved off the facial hair, I do have an image as an entertainer to uphold and I have a problem with clowns that have facial hair. I didn’t want to be one of them. I do how ever have some really nice pictures of my self with a moustache. Basically with a moustache and the right sunglasses I look like Goose from top gun. I enjoyed my foray into the world of Facial Hair and hope to venture back next Xmas with mutton chops. Oh yeah.

Overall the trip to Japan was full of fun and good times. We ran around like crazy people in Tokyo the first couple of days and then took a train and ran around Hiromi’s hometown scaring the natives. We (Harper, Hiromi, Sarah and I) stayed in Hiromi’s Grandparents old house. With no heat. They had a neat heated table that kept us warm and electric blankets for the sleeping. On the way home Sarah and I where bumped to business class which was ridiculous. Pictures here.