Well Shit

Posted on Nov 28, 2007

I had decided that I would take a break from writing on dylanreed.org and focus on growing The Usable Clown. That has failed. I haven’t had time to write for The Usable Clown and I have, of course, thought of things that I would like to write on dylanreed.org. Stupid head not doing what it is supposed to.

Mass Effect: Mass Effect is an engrossing game. I say to myself " I will just play for 20 minutes” and then an hour later I am like “Well just 20 more minutes and then I am done.” It is a vicious cycle.

Because of Super Mario Galaxy and Mass Effect most of my dreams of late have taken place in space. I love space, its so cold and unforgiving. Take Mass Effect for instance, you basically get to choose what your character looks and acts like, so my character is a badass girl soldier who does what ever it takes to get the job done. But she likes kitties, a lot. She also enjoys long walks on ice covered planets and shooting people with her pistol.

When I started the game I made an engineer character. She is able to hack stuff, decrypt stuff and shot a pistol like a badass. After playing for about 30 minutes I got to thinking that maybe, just maybe, I would like to play as a badass Rambo type character. So I started over and created a semi Orlando Bloom looking space marine to kick ass with. Unfortunately he was a wuss and got killed really quick. I have since switched back to the Awesome Girl Engineer and am currently killing some rouge AI known as the Geth.

In Super Mario Galaxy I have found 70 of the 120 total stars and am still loving the game. I just found the red star that lets you fly about. It is pretty sweet. The one thing that I am disappointed about is the fact that most of the special suits (fire, ice, red star) are on a time limit. I can understand invincibility being a timed thing but not fire balls. I mean come on Nintendo, they are not that cheap of a weapon.

Apparently Penny Arcade pissed off someone at IGN when they poked fun at the reviews of Assassins Creed. All the Penny Arcade guys said was that if all you do is play games to review them then you are not going to enjoy the game as much. I think that makes since, I guess the IGN folks disagreed.

Ha Ha… Stupid Hitler