Secretly Excited but Then Disappointed

Posted on Nov 2, 2007

I was excited when I first learned about the phenomenon show. I thought “What a great way to bring magic to the people.” Boy was I wrong. Part of the problem could be that I have spent the past year or so studying magic and the first trick on the show is one that I know how to do, sure he added a little twist but come on. I mean where does he get his tricks, Ellusionist. I am not saying that the first magician isn’t cool I just think that he needs to come up with something new and exciting to be a phenomenon.

Also Mr. Angel, your a tool. Sure you can do some neat tricks but I have never truly been amazed by your work. I put you in the same category as David Copperfield, you are a stage magician, nothing you do has the raw feeling on Daniel Garcia or even some of the tricks I can do. I have to give you props for bringing back some tricks that have been gone for a while and also using fire. Oh man I just gave someone props, gotta go slap myself.

Ok so I just watched the second magician, who was better then the first. This was because he used humor and fear to make it interesting. One of the most important parts of magic is catching your victims off guard, which he did really well. Other then that though his over all trick wasn’t that cool, a little blood or if I thought that it was a real trap I might have been impressed. So far its a big eh for this show.

Number 3 got his trick from the 13 Steps to Mentalism just substituting nail guns for pistols. Nothing new here other then the scary factor for the audience. His presentation was lame and he looks like a creep, LAME.

Magician number 4 while a cocky bastard was very entertaining. I enjoyed his performance, though it was very nightclub. I have always enjoyed mentalism and hope that he does well in this competition.