Why November, Why?

As you may or may not know a lot of really awesome video games are coming out in the next month. Not only is there going to be a lot of good games coming out but they all come out at about the same time. In fact they all come out in the first two weeks-ish of November.

This just isn’t fair, at between $40-$60 a pop how am I supposed to get to play all of the games I want. The problem with this generation of games is that developers have started making real in depth games that are hard to finish if you just rent them. Take Mass Effect for instance, this game is ridiculously in depth and allows for your choices to really reflect in the game play. Like I am going to finish that in a weekend.

Here is the list of games that I want to get in November:

  1. ![][1] This is an epic science fiction game. At the beginning you create a character (either male or female, but sadly human), deciding on your past as well as your general attitude. You then progress non-linearly though the game trying to save the universe. As you progress though the game your actions will reflect on peoples attitude towards you as well as how you will be perceived by other alien races. According to everything I have read on the game it should be insane. Enjoyable but insane. Release Date:11.20.07
  2. [![][2]][3]This is another epic science fiction game, this time with everyone’s favorite plumber in the lead. Apparently Bowser has entered the space race and stolen Princess Peach. During the kidnapping Bowser strands Mario in space. Since Mario is Italian he isn’t affected by the fact the space is a vacuum and lives to fight another day. Actually I think that he gets help from cosmic knowledge fish (or something) that helps him survive. Then it is off to fight all of Bowser’s Minions to rescue the princess. Release Date: 11.12.07
  3. ![][4] Assassins creed is probably the game that I am most excited about. It is historical fiction at its greatest. They took a time period (the crusades), did a lot of research (most of the main characters killed during the game actually died around the same time in history) and made a beautiful game. You are this bad ass assassin who can climb walls and blend with crowds to escape. I think that they took all of the really fun parts of Splinter Cell and made it into an awesomely fun game of killing for the greater good. Release Date: 11.13.07
  4. ![][5] The first Raving Rabbids game was awesome. It was silly and full of multi player mini game fun. The sequel should be equally fun and full of the humor and enjoyment of the first game. Apparently it is up to you, as Rayman, to fight off the Rabbid invasion. The Ubisoft team has painstakingly digitally photographed different real world locations and inserted the rabbid invaders. You as a plunger toting cowboy of sorts are charged with taking those rabbids out. Release Date: 11.16.07![][6]
  5. The next co-op game for Jon and I. After we beat Halo:3 we have been keep our eyes peeled for another fun co-op game. In this game you take on the role of an ex Army mercenary as you travel the world fighting in different conflicts just trying to make a buck. The game play centers around a buddy systems of the two mercenaries helping each other over and around obstacles as well as a Aggro system that allows one character to draw fire while the other sneaks around and kills the enemy. Release Date: 11.13.07
  6. ![][7] Finally a SCUBA diving game. I know that me and probably five other people have always thought that a decent SCUBA game has been needed for a number of years. While the main focus of this game is exploration, I have yet to see any information on dangerous creature encounters or decompression issues. That aside I think that this game could be a lot of fun as well as allowing people who are afraid or unable to dive to experience the wonders of the underwater world. Release Date: 10.29.07

[1]: http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a124/boysofsheahem/blog graphics 2/masseffectfinalboxboxart_160w.jpg [2]: http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2003/all/boxshots2/915692_68186.jpg [3]: http://www.dylanreed.org/2007/10/15/good-god-mario-is-so-cool/ (Super Mario Galaxy) [4]: http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a124/boysofsheahem/blog graphics/AssassinsCreed_X360_CvrShtboxart_16.jpg [5]: http://www.gameplay.pl/Galeria/Gry6/438963015.jpg [6]: http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a124/boysofsheahem/blog graphics/ARMTWOx360PFTfrontboxart_160w.jpg [7]: http://www.gameplay.pl/Galeria/Gry6/482545093.jpg

By no means do I think that I will buy all of these games. For one it would be ridiculous to spend that much money on games in one month. Also quite a few of these game will be good rentals or at least rent before buying games. Most likely I will get Assassins Creed, Mass Effect and Super Mario Galaxy. I may also buy Orange Box as it is three games in one.

Just one more game for everyone to know about. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games. Finally Mario and Sonic and friends have teamed up and made a game. Also in this game they have created a great track and field experience that has been lacking for a number of years. According to what I have read there are different wii-mote movements depending on the character. Awesome.