I have a problem

Posted on Sep 26, 2007

It is a skateboarding videogame problem. For some reason I love to play skateboarding on video games. I have little or no interest in actual skateboarding, though I do think people who do skateboard well are pretty cool. The problem is that there are two new skateboarding games coming out and I am still up in the air as to which one to get. I have played the demo of both of them and here is what I think:

  • **Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground- **A great game in a long line of great games. The only problem is that Proving Ground is basically the same as all of the other Tony Hawk games. While it does add a little bit of a role playing aspect to the game and makes you choose a type of skater, it is still to easy to pull of crazy tricks. I think that this game, if purchased, would be a great time wasting game as it would require now more practice then remembering my old Tony Hawk skills.
  • skate- This game is really the first serious threat to Tony Hawks video game crown. I think that it will dominate this time around simply because of the controls. They have opted out of the button mashing days of yore for the more modern stick slapping. Basically one anolog stick controls your skaters body and the other controls what you do to the board. Adding a simple press to the left or right trigger and you do a grab.** **What EA did in making skate was to take a fresh look at a one pony race and enter a bull dog. Skate has a great replay editor as well as focusing almost all of its time on street skating, it leaves the rediculous tricks for Tonu and instead focuses more on plausable tricks and actions.

I think that if I buy one of the new skateboarding games it will be skate, it seems to be the one of the two that will require more skill to pull off great tricks and since I have played its demo about 10 times to Tony Hawks one I will get more bang for my bucks. ** **