I lied in my last post

I was going to post about our trip, but alas that post is going to take longer to write, espceially if I want to include pictures. So I thought instead I would write about something else. As of right now i haven’t decided what that is…

Ok, I figured it out.

When we where on our vacation I noticed something that made me sad. We saw a lot of parents with their kids (or kids they had recently kidnapped) not having fun at all. I can understand that as you are traveling around Colorado looking at all of the neat stuff, your nerves can get frayed. I do not think that that is a good excuse for getting all riled up at your kid because he wants some ice cream. I mean it is ice cream, who dosen’t cry when they don’t get ice cream.

This is something I have noticed at a lot of family places. So many parents are so concerned with their young kids making them look bad that they get riled up about stupid stuff. While I was living in California I would notice similar things happening at every amusement park I would go to. Sarah and I could be in the kids area of Disneyland and we would here some parent threatening to leave the park, or to not let a kid go on a ride if he(or she) kept acting up.

I think that if I spent thousands of dollars to fly my family out to California, I would try to understand that it is an amusement park, where the kids go to be amused, why make it an issue that your kid is acting like a kid. I can understand if your child is running around punching people, but if they are just running around or being loud while waiting in line why get mad. No one will judge you if your children are having fun, and if they do they are probably being the parents who say “Do we have to go to the car” while out eating dinner.

That’s all.