The 5 steps to adsense riches

Posted on Sep 6, 2007

I know that a lot of people have posted about how they make millions of dollars just by blogging. I am happy to report that adsense has made me 10’s of dollars. Yep I have made 10 10’s of dollars. Thats right after almost 28 months I finally broke the $100 first payment mark.

At this rate I will make $1000 in 23 years. Beat that all you rich Internet kids, 23 years. Here are the five simple steps you can follow so you to can buy $100 worth of crap just by blogging for two years and four months.

  1. Get a blog: Duh, this is the easiest step. Find one of the free sites that give out blogs and sign up. Or as I did, have a computer nerd brother that wants you to blog set one up for you and host it.
  2. Start off strong: Post a lot, and about really mundane crap. This way anyone who wonders to your site will be bored and your three readers will be your mom, brother and fiance.
  3. Get adsense: Sign up, get invited whatever, just get it. Wait about another month and finally implement the code on your site
  4. The system: Figure out that what you write about affects who visits your site and what kind of ads you get. Try to write about things you know and are worth a lot of money to advertise. Don’t ask me what those are, I don’t know either.
  5. Profit: Keep track of your adsense until you are rich(er) then you where before all of this started.

Remember this take patients and a lot of sacrifice. Well actually very little sacrifice, unless you count the time I could have been spending playing video games.