Clowning is so hard

Posted on Aug 24, 2007

I am currently working on developing a Tramp Clown Character, and it is a real pain in the ass. I think this is because for the first time I am attempting to have a really well defined character. Normally, like a lot of clowns, my clown character is just an offshoot of my personality; unlike a lot of other clowns, my clown character is more mellow and shy then me normally.

I am currently an auguste clown. This, in the grand scheme of clowning, means that I am the jokester to the white face’s straight man. This is all well and good but I am lacking a white face to play with. The tramp clown on the other hand tends to be more of a loaner as well as being, I think, more fun to play. There are two types of tramp clowns: The Happy Hobo and The Sad Tramp.

For some reason I am drawn to the sad tramp type. I think that so much of my current routine is built around planned failure that playing a down on his luck tramp might be fun. The happy hobo seems to be almost the same as my current character, just more down on his luck.

I am trying to develop a Character bio and make decisions based on that. We will just have to see.

This is a picture from the Mooseburger Camp Hobo Stew, basically a chance for all of us non-tramp clowns to tramp it up a little bit. I am in the middle in the tux. I would probably do similar makeup to this, just refine it a little, and would also wear that same tux and wig.