You covered what in mustard

My brother, Harper, has or at least used to have a temper. It really couldn’t compete with mine since I was a notorious door slammer, but he did some fabulous things with it when we where kids.

  1. Two time spcifically come to mind. Once a friend of mine (Brittney Shyrock, i think) and I where hanging out after school(before her cop parents, one of which went to jail for selling drugs, figured out we lived by a crack house)when we pissed Harper off some how. It just so happend that Harper had just made himself a sandwich and had yet to put the condiments away. Harper got all riled up about something and hit the mustard in such a way that mustard went everywhere. The best part was that after he yelled at us and destroyed the mustard, he expected me to help him clean it up. Knowing me I helped him. Stupid Dylan.

A quick sidenote: I have a problem with helping clean up messes that harper has made, or I did prior to us not living together.

  1. The other story takes place when we where young kids and where still being baby sat by Amy. For those of you who don’t know Harper he is not, I repeat not, a morning person. One might say that he is an anti-morning person. So one fine day Amy woke us up and got us ready and as we where eating cereal Harper got a bug up his ass. He procided to slam his bowl down spraying all of use with cereal. I am pretty sure that I was covered in cereal as was Harper. Amy calmly told Harper to start cleaning up or she would beat him(not sure if that last part is true, it probably isn’t) and so I, being a good younger brother, started to clean up the mess, at which Amy told me to go finish getting ready and that Harper would be cleaning it up.