Freaking out like a crazy person

Posted on Jul 23, 2007

I took the afternoon off today to study. I think that while it was a good plan to take it off to study it is causing me to stress about the test. I feel really confident about taking this test since I did so good on the class and all of the exam prep stuff. In fact I didn’t actually study until I was done with exam prep and had gotten the go ahead to take the test.

I have spent the afternoon going over the true and false over and over again, focusing on ones that I have previously had a hard time on. I am now feeling quite confident about the test but am still freaking out about taking it. I feel bad for Sarah because she is going to have to deal with me all of tonight and most of tomorrow.

As I was doing the true or false I was also reading Harry Potter 7 and enjoying it. I would study for 30minutes and then read for 15minutes or a chapter which ever was first. Overall I found it to be a really good book, probably not my favorite of the series but easily in the top 7, maybe even in the top 3. What killed it from being my favorite was some of the questions that JK Rowling said she was going to answer and I was unable to figure out as well as the epilogue. The epilogue itself almost kills the book for me, it leaves more questions then it answers, which is god if she is going to write more books but bad if we are going to be left wondering forever.

Back to the test

It is 154+ questions that I have about 4 hours to complete. There are two portions of the test. The national portion, which I believe is first, is 80 questions, plus up to 5 experimental questions. They give you 2hours on the national portion. The second part is the State portion which is 74 questions, plus up to 5 more experimental questions. You get 1hour and 50minutes for the State portion.

The funny part about the two portions of the test it that Colorado is more progressive then most states and so a lot of things vary between the two tests. For example, on the national portion of the test when prorating an amount you use 12 months with 30 days each for a total of 360 days in a year. On the state portion on the test it is 12 months with however many days they really have for 365 total days. Also to confuse things even more, on the national test it is assumed that the seller owns the day of closing and so that is added to their days on a proration. On the state protion of the test closings are owned by the buyer.

There are quite a few other things, such as Colorado is a deed of trust state, with the deed of trust being held by a public trustee. This means that if you fail to pay your mortgage, the bank goes to the public trustee and they foreclose without having to go to the courts. It is possible to have the Deed of Trust held by a private trustee but then to foreclose it has to go through the court system. As if that wasn’t tricky enough part of the eastern part of the state near Kansas, so all of the eastern parts of the state, use the Torrens system of conveying ownership in Real Property. This means that to transfer property you have to go to a court and a judge transfers the property.

This is just the tip of the random crap that is now crammed into my brain. No wonder everything tastes bad, because all of that crap is dripping into my mouth. The test is tomorrow starting at 10am so wish me luck and if everything goes like it did during pretests I should be done in time for lunch.