Harry-est Potter ever

Posted on Jul 16, 2007

As many others have mentioned, Harry Potter 7 comes out this weekend. This is a sad day for me, since I look forward so much to these books coming out and am wondering what I am going to wait for now.

I figured since there is a couple days until it comes out I would lay out what I think is going to happen and why. Then once I (and Sarah) have finished the book I will see how right I was. If you read and finish it before I post about it again, please do not spoil because that would make me cry. Also I will make sure that I post a spoiler warning before following up on this post.

Who will die?

In my opinion I think that it will Ron Weasley out of the core group who dies. I say this because he doesn’t really have an obvious partner to fight in the BIG BATTLE that has to happen. Harry has Voldermort, Hermione has Malfoy(you know the whole mudblood pureblood battler) and even Neville has Snape to battle(I think anyway)

Is Dumbledore really dead?

I think so, though I want him not to be. A couple reasons I think that he isn’t dead is that when he was hit with the killing curse he flew backwards off of the castle. When ever anyone else in the books gets killed with the Killing Curse the just crumple where they are (Cedric Diggory and the Spider that the fake Mam-Eye Moody kills in book 4).

Is Snape really bad?

I think that Snape is an opportunist. He is not bad or good, he just aims to be on the winning side. I think that in the end, if Neville dosen’t kick his butt, Snape will end up killing Voldemort for Harry so Harry can still be good.

Is Harry a Horcrux?

I hope so. I think that the best way for J.K. Rowling to not be pressured to write anymore Harry Potter books is to have Harry have to die in order for Voldemort to be defeated. I am thinking something along the lines of Ginny having to kill the one she loves(Harry) in order for good to triumph over evil. Classic tragedy.

Other thoughts:

I think that Draco will try to become good and be killed by Voldemort in the end. Also that Neville will play a much bigger role in the book and the fighting of Voldemort. I think that Hagrid will die saving Harry and Co from a group of giants. Lupin will probably be killed by good wizards because he is a WareWolf. Crookshanks will turn out to be more then just a cat. Also Wormtail will try to save Harry and be killed for it.

Oh and Aunt Petunia is a squib, that is why she hates magic, because she can’t do it. I don’t really remember them ever saying that Lily Potter came from a muggle family, just that their parents where pleased to have a witch in the family.

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