So here is what is going on

Posted on Jul 6, 2007

I have been in in real estate school up to my eyeballs. As Sarah can attest I have been really really crazy. I have been having mood swings (of sorts) and stressing myself out like crazy.

On the plus side it seems to be working and I have been getting good grades on all of the tests which hopefully means I will be doing good on the BIG TEST when I finally take it.

If you need to get a hold of me, I am in school from 9-4 everyday. So, don’t call, and if you call call and leave a message. I will check it at my next break.

For instance, yesterday my dad called me, I ignored so it would go to voice mail, he called three more times from different phone numbers within 5 minutes forcing me to ignore all of them to voice mail. He finally sent me a text message.

Oh and my phone was on vibrate. So it didn’t ring and disrupt class it just made me crazy. You can still email me and what not and I will check on break, but unless you really need me, don’t call.