Stupid Police Officer

Posted on Jun 19, 2007

I was cruising the Internet and came across this little tidbit of an article. Sometimes I wonder where people get the idea that this will be ok.

I would think if you where going to become a police officer you would understand the wrongs of having sex with someone who is 14. Even if you didn’t realize that the prostitute you had picked up was 14 you would maybe think to go somewhere that isn’t a spot known to the police as a place where hoes take their johns.

Also, WTF is going on in the world where a 14 year old is turning to prostitution. When I was 14 I didn’t even know what a hooker was. I think that maybe someone needs to have a nice long talk with this girls parents and find out what the fuck they thought their daughter was doing out late last Thursday night.

I am sure that they had no idea that their daughter was selling her body, just like I am sure that the parents of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris has no idea that their kids needed help.

Let this be a lesson to all the police that are thinking of getting a prostitute, check ID first, that way when you go to jail you will just be a bad cop and get anally raped by criminals, not a pedophile bad cop who will be anally raped and then probably beaten to death with a broom handle. Think about it.