More Ultimate Fantasy Book

Posted on Jun 16, 2007

Here is part two of the Ultimate Fantasy Book Series, which I am sure you have all been waiting for.

I find that within fantasy books there is very little inventive thinking that has gone into creating new weapons or armor technology, let alone a new tech that isn’t magic based. The best use of Tech in a book I have read has to be the Gnomes in the Dragonlance series. They where always coming up with all sorts of good stuff, while most of it wasn’t importatn to the story, that added just a little extra awesome to the books. Sci-fi writers come up with all sorts of good stuff that they just expect the reader to go along wit, without explaining the new tech fully, so why not in fantasy.

Technology: don’y be afraid to come up with something new and exciting. Even making up a new material or type of armor would be great.

I am a fan of magic when it suits the story and is done in such a way that it doesn’t create super characters. I also like the way Robin Hobb did the Wit and the Skill. I think that having two branches of magic that where quite untraditional is awesome. Steven Brust did somthing simalar with the sorcery and witch craft in the Vlad books, though I find that certain characters in those books to be to powerful.

Magic: Make it balanced, so a fighter has a chance against a magic user, not just because the magic user gets tired. Don’t make it so magic can do it all.

There is nothing I like more then a series of books. My only problem is that authors sometimes get stuck in a series slump and make their books unaccesable to people who havev’t read the previous entries. Since I get a lot of my books at the Library and can’t always get the immeadiate next book, I like to be able to jump around in a series and know what is going on. Perfect examples of people who do this well are Bujold and Brust. Both have written a large quantity of books about a central character, you can pick up any of the books in the series and be able to follow the story.

Series: Do it all out of order.

There you have it, the list of important things to have when you are writing a fantasy novel. If anyone knows of a good fantasy book I should read that fits these criteria or not, let me know.