It is killing me inside

Posted on Jun 13, 2007

I have recently been doing some blog soul searching and decided that maybe I don’t need ads. I am conflicted because in order to get my first check from Google adsense I need to amass $100 in ad clicks. I am at $94.56 or something like that. The problem is that, unlike cool blogs, I make about $.40 to $1.00 a week. This means that I either have to say good bye to that money or keep the ads until such a time as I reach $100 and then kill them.

I figure until I get a larger readership, I can’t really expect the ads to make me loads of money. I will admit that it has been fun experimenting with ad placement and trying to figure out where I can make the most money, which posts lead to the most clicks and also wondering, every time I visit adsense, if I have made it over the magic number.