Adopt a Killer Whale.....No Thank You

Posted on Jun 11, 2007

Continuing on my quest to educate people of the dangers of Killer Whales, I was doing my weekly search for Killer Whale stories and I found a place where you can adopt a killer whale. On the surface this seems like a good Idea, until you realize that this undisguised killer of small and cute sea mammals, is at the top of its food chain. So, if it needs saved then it is its own fault.

If you notice that Great White Sharks don’t have their own adoption program. This is because Great Whites are fighting for there right to eat stuff and not waiting for a hand out from some organization.

Another thing that I noticed when looking at the killer whale website is that they offer no information on Killer Whale attacks and aggression, they just present a positive “Sea World” view of the Orcas. Whereas on the Great White website they have a section that talks about Shark Attacks, not glossing over the facts just stating them for what they are. A super Predator.