Naming our new Apple friend

Sarah and I just received our fancy new Macbook in the mail yesterday. I peed my pants a little when it came in. I had just checked the tracking info and then poof it showed up.

The most interesting part of the whole experience was how long it took everything to get here. We ordered Macrosoft Word, Some wireless stuff and the Macbook. Word was shipped first and arrived after the computer:

It left Sacramento, CA at 11:24 PM on May 31st and arrived at 1:48 pm on June 5th.

The wireless stuff shipped second, last Saturday and hasn’t arrived yet:

It left Bloomington, CA on June 1st at 4:32pm and is just now out for delivery.

Both of those are got to Colorado pretty fast and I am not really upset by the shipping length since it was free. But what is amazing was the laptops shipping time:

The Macbook left Shanghai CHINA at 8:32am on June 4th and arrived at 10:14am on June 5th. Before any of the stuff that was shipped from CA.

First impressions of the Macbook are all positive. Since it has been a while since we have had a laptop that is 100% good. My old Dell has a Pepsi Stained keyboard that works when it works and only tell it gets hot. Tommy Sunshine’s Laptop has a cracked screen. This one has a bad ass keyboard and a non cracked screen.

Now on the downside Safari sucks, at least as much as IE, so we had to download Firefox. Unfortunately I couldn’t use the referral on anyone’s website since it only counts windows users. Which is dumb.