Once again I am in the wrong place

Posted on Jun 5, 2007

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I just read about this upcoming SEO MegaSniper workshop, Instructed by Garry Egan and Scott Hendison, two top-ranking and expert-level SEO professionals, this workshop is a one-day event for SEO’s, and Webmasters, small business professionals, in Portland, OR and realize that I live in tech starved Greeley, CO. Ever since I started writing usability reviews for random websites I have been keenly interested in getting to know more about the field of SEO.

One thing that I am lacking in my knowledge bank is about Optimizing Keywords for search. I fid that it is more and more difficult to determine which keywords to use to make my site easier to find by my users.

Take this blog for instance: When I first set it up back in 2000 I had no idea that I would someday be blogging two or three times a week. Back then my content was mostly of the personal variety.

Now as I try to grow my blog I find that the most popular search term for this site is “Do killer whales really eat people”. I find this to be odd since I have only written about killer whales three times in seven years.I have written about clowns many more times then that. I would hope to learn more about that at a seminar about SEO.

I find that I have a very small amount of knowledge on the subject and am constantly trying to better optimize my sites. I will probably be checking back to this site often to try to learn whatever tricks they place in their blog as well as try to learn more about this convention.

Someday there will be a convention near me, until then go to this one and let me know what it is about.