Be steel my red heart

Posted on May 6, 2007

I rented Red Steel for the wii and found it to be as I expected after reading the reviews. It was a good first entry into a Wii shooter but it suffered from quite a few control issues.

Firstly was the turning. There was no good way to adjust how fast you moved while turning, This led to a lot of frustrating deaths and I feel that they could have made it a better game if they would have allowed people to adjust the control sensitivity to match their playing style. Someone at suggested making an aiming circle that you can make larger or smaller depending on your preference.

Secondly was the sword fighting. I am a big fan of swords. A big fan. The problem here was that I found the sword fights to be simple and lacking in challenge. I want to have to react and be punished when I fail to do so. I hated that the sword fights took so long, if you hit someone twice in the body with a decent sword they are going to stop playing.

Lastly, the story left me feeling a nice big “eh”, I found that I didn’t care about the people in the game and found that I didn’t really want to save them.

Basically if you need to kill stuff, get an Xbox360 and play one of the killing games there. But if you want o play a game that tries so hard to be innovative that it sucks, then by all means play Red Steel.