Getting my shop on

Posted on Apr 2, 2007

So recently I ventured into the world of Internet business. Since lately I have been sewing a lot I figured I might as well as sell my products online. So, with a little help from my brother I started a shop on shopify. It is a pretty good interface that allows for a lot of customization. A few small things that I would add or change to make everything easier.

On the top of my list is that they make adding links and other html into a What You See type editor. This way people who don’t know how to make links and other html will be able to add links easier as well as make the overall site navigation easier.

I also wish that there where a couple of shop themes that allowed for simple color changes without having to directly manage the css or the whole theme. Also I found that when I was trying to edit the themes that the updates didn’t happen super fast and it took a little while for them to take shape.