Clown costume accesories

Posted on Mar 30, 2007

I was going through my clown costumes for the childrens festival and I realized something. I have been wearing a part of my costume that I never use and no one ever sees. When I first started clowning I thought that pants falling down while clowning was hilarious, I thought it was the funniest thing that I could do.

So I went to the Salvation Army and I found the greatest pair of shorts that I could use as clown boxer shorts. I have worn them for about 5 years and have never encountered a time when I was able to do a pants drop. It dosen’t help that I wear suspenders and a vest or jacket. This makes slipping the pants off in a non obvious way quite tricky. Also most of my clown pants, while looking baggy, fit my waist really really well.

So make sure that you go through your costume every now and then and stop wearing extra clothing that might be uncomfortable or constricting or just not needed.