Searching for rope magic supplies

Posted on Mar 25, 2007

So I have been trying to expand my magic horizons by learning other tricks besides card tricks. Since I have focus so long on card magic I have had some difficult to learn other magic since my card magic works so well for me.

Recently my friend John has started to learn coin magic, some of the stuff he does with the coins is quite fascinating and he has learned all of it from a book that I need to get. It seems to be the kind of book that mostly teaches the important sleights of coin magic as well as a few of the classic tricks.

I have also decided to learn some rope magic, I think that it will apply very well to stage clowning as well as any birthday parties I might do. There are a lot of really funny rope magic tricks and it will be cheap since all I will need to buy is rope. So I went on a Google search for magic rope to find out what kind of rope would be best to buy from the local Ace Hardware.

This brought me to this(not real work safe)site. I was shocked since it is the first link from Google. I was confused and hurt by Google leading me astray on my search for magic tricks. But hey what can you do. I think I will instead just go talk to the hardware professionals or research more later using more specific key words.