The Bare Minimum or the search for better wordpress themes

Posted on Mar 23, 2007

So as I constantly strive to make my blog awesome I have decided on a few things. Firstly I am going to a minimalist theme, this way it will be east to read and easy to navigate. Secondly I am going to update the crap out of it. Thirdly I am going to monetize the shit out of it to make loads and loads of money. Then I am going to buy a mini cooper is all pimped out. Then retire.

So part one of the plan is complete, I have picked a mellow theme that has a minimum of colors and should be readable from most browser. I will try it tonight from the Wii to make sure that it works on Opera, it already does ok on IE and Firefox. I am hoping to maybe make my own theme that looks like a newspaper cause I think that would look sweet.

Part two is in progress, I have been trying to update two to three times a day. In order to do this I have been making sure to keep my entries to a specific topic so it fits into one of my categories. In doing this I have a lot of short entries instead of one long one. I think this attracts people to the site since according to Google Analytics the average site visit is about 10 seconds. If people can read my new entry in that long then I have reached that audience. This is not of course going to end my longer more rambling entries but it will certainly help.

Part three is harder. I need to figure out how to entice people to look at the ads as well as click on them while keeping them unobtrusive and not annoying. As I read somewhere on the Internet 98% of the people don’t care if you have ads but the 2% that do will complain about it. Stupid 2%(unless you are that 2% then you rock…please have a look at my ads).