I found today...Annoying

Posted on Mar 14, 2007

Today was one of those days where I wanted to slap stuff. One of our office people was going to be gone due to a death in the family. I was fine with that. I understood. Then as I was driving to work thinking how annoyed I’d be if someone called in sick my phone rang. Yep. Someone called in sick. So our normal staff of four office folks is down to two. This is on top of our HOA liaison being out of the office due to a surgery. This means my week was supposed to be my walk around tours in the beautiful Colorado weather. Instead today was run around like crazy covering the office as well as helping with HOA stuff and covering the HOA office for lunch.

All morning I tried to call Sarah to change our lunch plans since I was going to just stay around the office and help during lunches. Well since Sarah is not hooked to her phone like an umbilical cord she dosen’t check for missed calls but once every couple of days. Since I was unable to get a hold of her I went home to meet her for lunch. This was good because I got to see the cats and relax. This afternoon has been better though it is really nuts right now with only three of us to cover the phones and I think that the crazies are coming out today.

All of this is forgotten when I think of the trick that Sarah played on me yesterday when I got home. As you might already know we have three cats. One of those cats is Reno, the ginger, he is a fat orange tabby who likes to go outside even though he is an indoor cat. I pulled up to our compartment (our name for our condo) and I noticed Sarah and her mom standing near the neighbors balcony looking up. I though to myself: ESCAPE!! I was sure that the Ginger had escaped. As I walked over to them they said something along the lines of: “look at this cat” or maybe they just pointed. There he was this ginger cat, he looked freaked out and was up on the ledge of the neighbors balcony.

I called his name… he took one look at me and hopped onto their balcony and I noticed that the sliding door on their balcony was open. The cat headed right into their condo. I started to head to the door to knock when Sarah started to laugh. Apparently the neighbors also have a ginger cat and he is allowed on their balcony. I was so tricked. Sarah hasn’t let me forget it. Man, payback is going to be sweet.