Boy is my face red

Posted on Mar 10, 2007

So I mentioned in my last post that I had talked briefly with a friend about playing some Rifts and that he seemed less then excited. Apparently that is untrue. I talked briefly to him the other day and I guess his girlfriend who is one of my good friends read that on my blog then told my RPG friend about it and he wondered if it was him I was talking about. It was, though he is excited about playing and was just distracted by school or something. Stupid school. On the plus side we are going to start playing sometime in the future. We just need to find some more people to play.

What I need to decide now is if I want to be the game master and design the Ultimate Campaign or if I would rather try to trick someone else into doing the hard work and just let myself play. Probably what I will do is work on making a campaign and then if Sarah’s brother wants in and wants to GM by all means I will let him.

Soon it will all start and my dork transformation will be complete. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the dorks I have made fun of over the years and soon I proudly once again be a table top gamer…shudder.