AIMS Community College Rant

Posted on Jan 16, 2007

So I recently signed up for a class that teaches to the Colorado Real Estate exam. This is handy since I need a license to further myself at work and I need an actual classroom since I suck at online classes. So I get myself all ready for class tonight, the first night because of MLK day, making dinner, playing a little Zelda and arriving about 30 minutes early.

I get my notebook, a little reading material and head into the building. As I am walking up to the building I notice a half-ass made sign on the front door, a single piece of 8.5x11 paper with “Do to the low enrollment the Real Estate Classes for the Spring Semester has been canceled”. I was so pissed, SO PISSED. I had researched classes, found one I wanted to take, been willing to give up my Monday through Thursday evenings and then BAM! the bastards cancel the class.

Now I am not completely unreasonable, I understand that if there is too few people wanting to take a class then it makes sense to cancel the class. However, the people who’s class is canceled should be notified prior to reading the sign on the door. If the enrollment is so low that they should be able to call and let people know.

What is even more frustrating however is the fact that the other class that I found that runs at approximately the same times started last week so I am to late to enroll. It looks like that I am S.O.L. on getting my Real Estate Licence this spring.

Plus now I have to erase the class from my treo.