Posted on Dec 14, 2006

So we finally got all teh bills for my knee surgery and I get to call the people and make payment agreements with them. Yipee. On the plus side my bills are a lot less then Sarah’s so I owe only like $1000.00 so thats good.

Last night we had the company picnic and it was a lot of fun I tried to take more pictures but my fancy treo phone runs out of batteries all the damn time. So I can check my emails and all that up until 9pm, then it dies and I can’t do anything. I guess I need to plug it in when I am at work to.

At the party Ma and Pa gave everyone books, which they all seemed to like. I really liked mine, its about the ocean, which I love. Sarah got a Martha Stewart baking book. We got a lot of people LIFE photo books and then we had some funny books for some people.

I am starting to work on a new project which is a secret until it is ready so just be excited. I have another clown job this friday for the UCCC in Greeley. It should be awesome.

This has been a good week for money, I got paid to clown last Saturday, then I got a bonus and at the end of last week the last of my purses sold out. Just need to have more weeks like this.

Anyway, everyone ahve a nice day, I have to go work more now.


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