Fruity Cheerios are the best

Posted on Dec 10, 2006

This morning I awoke to one of the best morning sounds. Sarah Making waffles. I quickly got out of bed and eat me some delicious waffle. THen sarah had to go so she could go play in blackhawk with her mom and aunt carol. I took a quick shower, finished the Subtle Knife and waited for my cousins to come over.

Once they arrived we played mario party 7 briefly and then headed to the pool. The kids swam around and I threw snowballs at them. After they where done swimming we headed home and waited for my mom. Once she arrived we went to TGI fridays to get some lunch.

After lunch I left them and went to get my haircut(i am sexy) and then to cingular to cancel our new phones(cause they suck). After that I headed home took a brief nap and then started to get ready for my clown job.

At first I couldn’t find my makeup. That Equals major-panic, mostly because as funny looking as I am, I do not look like a clown. So I ran around like a crazy until I found it. Stupid closets hiding my makeup from me. By the time I found it I had about 20 minutes to get ready (it normally takes me 30-45 minutes to get it on).

After I got ready I headed to Eaton to rock the towns Christmas Festival. I spent an hour and a holf doing ballons in the cafeteria of the High School and then moved my operation downtown. I walked around, doing card tricks and the like, until I realized that itwas wicked damn cold outside.

So I started to go into the businesses and get hot apple cider. THey all had free hot apple cider, so I would do a trick and then get some cider and the move on. One interesting thing I ofund out is that eaton has a really good sized used book store.

Once I was done clowning around I headed home. More exactly I headed to my parents house since sarah wasn’t home yet. I watched most of fly away home and then headed to my house where I took off my makeup, talk to harper on the internet and ate fruity cherrios for dinner

Boy are they good