New Theme,

Posted on Dec 7, 2006

So I once again changed the overall look of my website. Harper showed me this template and set it up and then I have been tweaking it. It has a lot of neat features that allow people to enter into my life.

For example there is the current\recent music area. The downfall of this is that if Cher pops up it can be a dent in people�s perception of how cool I am. I find that whenever there is music that I just have but don�t listen to a lot on my website it takes forever for it to go away.

Also there is the status section. That is from twitter. Twitter is a service that Harper showed me and I thought I would never use it. However it is quite handy and quite enjoyable. Plus then everyone can see what I am doing pretty much anytime. A fun side bit is that twitter helps me remain focused on the task that I say I am doing.

The picture section is from flickr. In order for that area to become cooler I need to take more pictures. Hopefully I will be getting a camera phone for work so I can rock the random picture taking and also generally increase my awesome.

There is a section that is a feed from my threadless blog. When I first wrote there I was shocked by the number of comments I got in minutes. Another funny point I made to myself is that I have a hard time consistently updating this blog, why do I need two separate ones. Short answer: Because I can. I hope to keep up on both blogs regularly.

Please visit here and buy t-shirts so I can get free t-shirts that are not picked out by Harper.

The pity party is over, things haven�t gotten better we have just resigned ourselves to being poor for a while longer. So whatever you are all getting rocks from our rock garden for Christmas.